Morsø 8142

Morsø 8142 is a tall and slim cast-iron wood stove with a solid and elegant pan that slides in and out easily and effortlessly.

Wood stove with clean lines and practical details

Morsø 8142 wood stove is characterised by its clean and simple design. The combination of soft curves and simple details gives the stove a light and timeless appearance that can be enjoyed for many years to come. The side plate, top frame and top plate of the wood stove are designed with elegant and distinctive profiles that add to the exclusivity of the wood stove. The pure lines of the stove are further enhanced by the integrated and discreet hinges.

Solid heat

The wood stoves are made of a select cast-iron quality of impressive strength that prevents buckling and ensures the stove remains airtight. The strong material is particularly suitable for emitting heat as it retains the heat for longer, producing an even and comfortable warmth.

Max. Heat BTU/hr35,000
Max. area heated1200 ft²
Height40 5/8"
Width20 7/8"
Depth17 3/4"
Log Size12"

• Convection Heat
• 10 year limited warranty
• Gasketed seams for tight seals
• Chromium treated internal castings for durability
• Reversible flue collar
• Non catalytic clean burn technology
• Clean-burning air wash system
• Pre-heated combustion air
• Pre-heated secondary air
• Tertiary air supply
• Riddling grate system
• Ash pan

• Wood

• Dark grey

• EN 13240
• Norwegian Approval
• EPA Approval
• DIN Approval

Technical details

Maximum Heat (BTU/hr) 35,000
Test Fuel Load 6 lbs
Particulate Emissions 4.4 grm/hr
Log Size 12"
Max. Area Heated 1200 ft²

Firebox Dimensions

13"W x 10½"D
Firebox volume/capacity 1.05 ft³

Gross Weight

458 lbs
Outside Air Supply Available
Mobile Home Approved Yes
Wasington State Compliant
Basic Clearance
(using single wall pipe top vent
Stove to side wall 10"
Stove to rear wall 6"
Stove to corner 6"

CAD tegning
see drawing here

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Manual CAN & FR
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